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Boost Your Benefits Program

Provide Your Employees With the Protection They Need

In today’s business environment, it’s important to provide your employees with a strong benefits package – yet you also have to make every budget dollar count.

Our personal insurance products offer a broad range of benefit options so you can provide your employees the added financial protection they need while managing your benefit costs.

We offer a full slate of group and individual products. Many can be employee-paid, so there’s no direct cost to you. Package them with your core benefit offerings to:

  • Offer a more competitive benefits package.
  • Realize tax savings for you and your employees.
  • Help fill gaps in existing benefit coverages.
  • Consider moving to more affordable medical plans.
  • Enable your employees to tailor the benefits package to best suit their needs.


Accidents could have a big impact on your employees’ finances. With accident insurance, you can help them protect their way of life.

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Cancer insurance helps protect employees from costs associated with cancer and encourages wellness through benefits for screening tests.

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icon-stethescopeCritical Illness

Critical illness insurance can help your employees pay for the costs of a serious illness.

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Disability insurance can help provide income protection for your employees.

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icon-hospitalHospital Confinement Indemnity

Hospital confinement indemnity insurance can help offset costs not covered by most major medical plans.

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Our life insurance enables your employees to tailor coverage for their individual needs.

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